Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is this a Muller Model No. 12? We believe so.

Newest "treasure" find! Cast iron toy sewing machine

The identification search was quickly started! As soon as we returned home, I scrambled to peruse my Glenda Thomas toy sewing machine book. This one has us puzzled. Take a close look at the photos and email me your thoughts. Maybe together we can give this little machine a name and then a new home.

At first, we thought it to be a small hand crank adult sewing machine - now, it still might be. The jury is still out on the actual identification. I began with that book first. Seeing nothing similiar, I then to to the Toy Sewing Machine book.

On page 21, plate 16, I found a close match. Of course it is beautifully decaled, but I am looking at the specific designs. I note a huge similarity in actually the overall design. Differences in the base of the machine, with this one being more ornate in the actual cast design. As we look further, we note too many differences. Continuing on to plate 303, we see a MULLER Model No. 12 and BINGO! that has to be it. It is a larger cast metal machine, used to have gold flowers. Now, this version due to its size and sewing capacities, should be called a hand sewing machine, not just a toy. I ditto that one! So, in our eariler thoughts of, "not a toy, but an adult," are almost correct.

What was thrilling was to remove the screw from the bottom and see how the small machine lifts up out of the rest of the base. I believe it could have tilted backwards to reveal a small sewing tin underneath. Not there now.

You can actually see in the photos, the thumbscrew of the cloth guide. Now, we do have some work to do on this one. First will be getting various parts unfrozen, working on the gears so the handwheel works properly. Any major cleaning on the plate and tension will be very carefully, if at all. We will see -

There is a screw on the bottom which looks as if it would remove the actual machine from part of the cast iron base. Yes! It does!

Right now - at this moment - we are leaning toward a 1) German made toy sewing machine, 2) most likely a MULLER Model No. 12, , and 3) in need of some TLC!


Anonymous said...

It is a Muller 12 as I have one exactly the same, see where the indentation is around the base, it shoud have a tin cover that sits in it. Mine is missing also.
Nice find

Charlene said...

Thank you for verifying for me! I see the endentation. So the Muller 12 had a little tin cover? Wow! Wonder if any of those are still around. I am still fascinated by the way it lifts totally free from the base.


Anonymous said...

This is great i have one as well and now i know what it is. However, mine still has the tin cover that sits in it. Mine, like your picture, is rustic too, and needs work!!