Saturday, February 2, 2008

Odds and Ends - Attachments

Sewing Machine Attachments Through the Years

I have been researching sewing machine attachments for quite a while, mainly Singer. If you do need a nice book about your Featherweight, attachment part numbers, and how to use them - check out my store listings for either an electronic copy or you can now purchase a hard copy. You can always email me at if you are interested.

While working on the second book, Sewing Machine Reference - Singer Sewing Machines, Attachments, and Fashion Aids, I began uncovering some interesting information about the other, competitive attachment manufacturers. The most famous is Greist. What I just found interesting is the spelling of their name. One advertisement, actually selling sewing machines, indicates Griest Manufacturing Co, Chicago. That was in 1879. Now, move forward about 76 years to a instruction booklet of using the attachments. This was written by Greist Manufacturing Co. Isn't that interesting and I am now puzzling over the spelling of the name. Of course, that puzzlement will lead to further research to uncover the mystery. They are one and the same company.

In 1879 Griest (Greist) actually produced a sewing machine which they advertise an "Improved Singer". In their advertisement they proclaim they can make it better than Singer! Truly interesting for a company now well known for creating as they state, "the world's finest sewing machine attachments".

In our sewing history there have been many attachment manufacturers - many we are unfamiliar with. Have you heard of the Goodrich Tuck Maker? Stoppax Darner and Embroidery foot?
"Sew" many to discover.....

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