Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to Determine Your Shank Size

I have sew many asking me what type shank will fit their sewing machine. Information abounds on this topic, but I thought I would add my thoughts and photos - after all, one photo is worth a thousand words, right?
Going left to right - Slant Shank, Low Shank, High Shank, and Snap-on
Now, want some more information to help guide you? Your attachments might be put on with a thumbscrew, but is it low or high shank?
Most of the machines produced after 1980 use snap-on feet.

Snap-On – If the snap on the ankle can be removed by loosening the thumb screw, then determine your shank size using the next procedure. If the snap-on ankle can not be removed, only Creative Feet and Wizard Feet will fit your machine.

If it does screw on you must know whether your machine is a low shank, high shank, or a slant needle machine. You can measure as follows.

Take a Measure

With the presser foot in the down position, measure from the bed of the machine to the center of the thumb screw

Low Shank – measures ½”
High Shank – measures 1”
Slant Shank for Singer – Designed only for the Singer slant needle machines and will not fit on any other make of machine; measures about 1”.

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morningtower said...

THANK YOU!!!! I looked for hours online before finding your blog with this simple, but very important information! I have an older Brother sewing machine, and have just signed up for a quilting class with my 12 year old daughter. We were told to get walking feet for our sewing machine, and I discovered that they don't make them for mine. I was beginning to panic when I found your blog. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Now I know about Wizard Feet and Creative Feet, and that I still have options!!

Charlene - The Sew Box said...

You are very welcome and thank YOU for letting me know that it helps. There are quite a few options and feet for most of the machines made.

That is super to take the classes with your daughter. What fun!

No matter what, just always enjoy the sewing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have sewn since I was 7 and my grandmother taught me to sew on a treadle machine. I have
sewn on a lot of different machines, NOw, I finally got a new machine and all of the options for feet and stuff really threw me off because I never learned how to measure a shank.
You are a life saver

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this (way back in 2008)! I am having a group of ladies get together and our group project is exploring the meandering technique. I am anticipating the questions from the various ladies about "which darning foot is right for MY machine"! Your article has given me a one stop shop for the answer! Thanks again. ps - I wish I could post this on Pinterest - I know my followers would find this helpful!

Anonymous said...

I have an old sears Kenmore sewing machine from 1978. I've just join the guilters guild. I don't know much about my machine. I was told that I needed a walking foot to guilt my very first guilt. What is a walking foot low high shank what? I really didn't want to send it out. Thanks to you I can find this walking foot. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your clear, precise explanations and pics! I have an old machine and now I know how to buy a new foot for mine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ... I also searched manuals and blogs.

Mary Hammond said...

The picture was truly a great help. Thanks a million!