Monday, April 28, 2008

Singer Cabinet No. 68 exclusively for the Featherweight

Singer Cabinet no. 68 - the elusive Featherweight 221 cabinet. Not too many of these around!
Made in the late 1940's to early 1950's.

With the oval top on, looks just like a fine piece of furniture in your livingroom, doesn't it?

Open the cabinets and your featherweight is just waiting for you to begin sewing.

There is even a special area to place your collected attachments, easy access from your machine when sewing, and easy to reach the bobbin area.

Just place it in and you are ready. Lift up the end of the bed to reach your bobbin and attachments as usual.

Have you ever seen a cabinet this gorgeous in person? I have read about the elusive Singer cabinet no. 68 made just for the Featherweight and finally found one! It is absolutely perfect for the age and the wood is beautiful. If you didn't know what it was, you would not know if housed and enabled you to sew on your featherweight - until you opened the cabinet doors. Then you will notice the spool holder and a featherweight fitting just perfectly. No other machine will fit this cabinet. Take off the oval top, place your featherweight in (fits very secure), and begin sewing. Absolutely breath-taking!

Very few photos of this cabinet exist, let alone sitting in someone's front parlor. Browse the photos and enjoy the scenery! I do have this listed in my ebay store - The Sew Box - so you can also check it out there. Lovely!

Ready for some more gorgeous photos?

The back is just as fine looking as the front.

Special pads to protect your featherweight from scratching while placing in the secure area.

The oval top has two fuly finished sections attached, which fit the oval cut-out. This keeps the oval lid from moving and it is secure.
Isn't this just beautiful!


Anonymous said...


We would agree with your observation. Within a three month span last year, my wife and I came across this model 68 table and a Singer Featherweight with the Golden Gate medallion. They both are displayed in our living room.

R & K
Fremont, CA

Anonymous said...

I have one of these cabinets for sale if anyone is inerested!

Anonymous said...

These cabinets are quite nice. Have you ever seen the variation that has a lift mechanism inside? The machine rides up and down on a steel platform.

Charlene said...

I have never seen that variation. Just heard about it. Maybe one of these day????? Love the search and learning about new treasures.

Anonymous said...

Your cabinet is beautiful! There is one of those with the lift on the Craigslist in RI for sale.

Charlene said...

Some lucky person will grab it! They are beautiful, whether closed or being used.

Karen said...

I want to purchase a 68 cabinet. Does anyone have one to sell?

Danielle said...

I have a featherweight 68 cabinet that I am willing to sell. 801.372.1678

Anonymous said...

Danielle, what is the condition of your table, where are you located, and what price are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

I have a model 68 with machine, and case. working condition. I also have many accessories. The table it original, some of the varnish finish is chipped and a bit of the vaneer on the feet is missing, but it is the untouched original. If anyone is interested please send e-mail to:

Karen in Kentucky said...

Charlene, I finally found one too! The veneer was damaged, so we had it repaired and refinished in a brown cherry. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I was given the 221-1 Singer Featherweight sewing machine and am looking for the matching cabinet to purchase. I live in VA. Anyone have one for sale in my area?