Saturday, May 24, 2008

The "FAMOUS" Buttonholers

The Famous Buttonholers were mentioned in Singer's books and manuals during the early years. An earlier post gives more specifics, but I just wanted to upload some pics of five that I have. There are some differences among them which only a photo can show.
The first photo shows all of them together. I do believe the all black one is the most striking. It also is the only one I have with the different throat plate.

I noticed a difference in the height where the buttonholer attaches/screws into the needle bar. Some of them measure about 1/2" up to 3/4". This is interesting as the boxes for each do have the same model number. Now, over the years boxes and attachments do seem to get mixed up.

This is another difference between several of the Famous buttonholers. The black area that "creates" the buttonhole. There is just a differing size and shape.

Another difference is in several of the instruction booklets. The one on the left has imprinted at the bottom, "Authorized Famous Dealer".

Most of mine come in the cardboard box, some with the actual buttonhole cutter. This one came in the retro blue vinyl case.

Now, so far none of these wonders fit my 221, 99K, 201. They all appear to be the rotary machines. I do have a Good Housekeeping machine tucked away. I just might have to get it out to see what these "Famous" might do on it.

Happy Sewing!

Charlene, The Sew Box

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