Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mystery Sewing Tools`

I have several "mystery" attachments, or at least I believe they are related to sewing in some way. What do you think?

Someone just emailed and asked about the length - oppps, I did forget that. They are about 2 5/8" long and about 1/4" wide near the pointed tip. Thanks for the comment!

Take a close look and then send us your comments, thoughts, or just suggestions! You just might be the one to identify them correctly. There are four of them and each has a number, so I am assuming there should be more as numbers are missing. The second photo shows what the other side look like. OK all you wonderful experts out there! What are they and have you seen them before?

As always,
Your Sewing Friend



Anonymous said...

What is their length? Hummmmm..... now I need to think about this.

midnightkjh said...

Well..don't laugh now, goimg out on a limb here...I'm thinking that they are holders for feathers or maybe silk flowers. You lay the quill along the metal piece and the holes are for sewing those items to a hat perhaps?

peg said...

Looks like blades for a rug-hooking tool.

Charlene - The Sew Box said...

Hi Peg,
I had seen some similar to these for rug-hooking, will keep looking. I keep a photo of them by my computer. One of these days they will be more than a "mystery". will start looking at the rug tools again.


violarulz said...

are they bodkins for threading different weights of tape for drawstrings? The double holes might keep the tape from slipping out and the grove where the tape would lie.

Charlene - The Sew Box said...

Hummmm.....makes sense. Although, since I really don't know - almost anything makes sense to me!I will check out your suggestion and see if anything turns up.