Saturday, June 14, 2008

Create Your Own Binding

Want to make your finished project more personal? Create your own bias! Once done, use any of the binder or tape-stitching attachments to sew it on.

There are several types of sewing tools on the market which will help you create the perfect decorative touch to your sewing. The bias maker depicted below is from “days gone by”, however you can buy newer models tody.

Cut your material about 1 1/2" and place through the 'spoon' area. It easily comes out the other side - already folded.
I then pinned to my ironing area, ironed it out, and was ready to sew!

Apply just as you do with store bought bias binding. I usually sew mine to the back side first, trim, and begin the front.

No matter which binder maker you have, they are truly a time-saver when creating your binding. As always, relax and have fun!

Your Sewing Friend,


hellome said...

Thank you for the tips!

Charlene said...

Very welcome!