Monday, June 30, 2008

Make a Ring Pincushion

I have seen these and been intrigued by how they were made. So....... I bought one to look over and then adapted it. Take a look at the bottom of the post to see V's pin cushion! It is absolutely adorable! Now, my featherweight just has to have one like it. Thanks, V!

I will show you how I made each one and then you can choose the one that fits you best!

Satin Pink with Lace

Dense cushion will keep your fingers from getting stuck!

scrap of material


dense cushion



I decided to try the one I had "adapted" first. For the first one I cut two 3 inch circles. You can see I also have the thin elastic, lace, and fiberfill. I found a very soft, but thick piece of cushion. I used this in the area next to my fingers. It did help protect any pins from going in. Just be sure to use some very dense filling - no need to get stuck.

I put my ruffler attachment on my featherweight, ruffled the lace. Next, I sewed the elastic to the back of one of my circles. Put the elastic around your finger to measure. I had to go to my Singer 301 to do this job (OK, so I love to switch sewing machines!).

I then sewed the two circles together with the lace in between, leaving about 1 1/2inches to turn and fill. I placed the dense cushion in first (remember it is protecting my fingers) and then continued filling with fiberfill until it was nice and round. Sew the opening closed and Voila! You have a lovely pincushion for your finger! It really went very quick from start to finish.

Flannel Pink with Lace


scrap of material


dense cushion

bottle top



For the second type of pincushion, which was similar to the one I had bought to look over, I cut one circle but this time it needed to be 4 inches. Believe me, I tried the 3 inches but way too small!

Run a gathering stitch around the edge, pull the gathers until almost closed. Add your dense cushion and fiberfill as you are drawing the material together.

Now, this is where the fun begins with some of tools! You want to have two holes in your bottle cap. I decided to get out my hot knife. It did rather well. Anything will work, so long as you end up with two small holes. Next measure out your elastic to fit your finger, add about 3 inches. Put each end through from the top. I used my stiletto to help push through the holes. Once both ends are through, tie them in a nice secure knot. Be sure to check the fit for your finger again just in case you have pulled too hard.

Now, we need to add the "puffy" ball of fiberfill to the bottle cap. Out comes another tool! I used my hot glue gun and ran the glue inside the lid. Then put just a little dab on the elastic knot to be sure it stays closed.

Begin fitting your "puffy" ball inside the bottle cap, pushing down into the hot glue. You are almost finished! I wanted a little lace on this one also so I used another one I had gathered on my ruffler, placed some hot glue around the pin cushion and placed the lace on, pushing into the glue. Voila! Another pin cushion finished.

Try both ways to see which you like best. One is mostly sewing - which certainly was more for me. The other was very little sewing and mostly use of some other tools. Not so much for me.

Either way..... I can now grace my hand with a very useful and lovely pincushion when sewing!
Question? Clarifications on any directions? Maybe just let me know which you like best......

Happy Sewing!

Here is an alternative to the ring cushion and what a super nifty idea! Look how it is attached to the sewing machine - love it! Now I will just have to head to the sewing room to make it. Thank you! Thank you to V!


V said...

I love this little project. Since I don't like rings on my fingers when I'm sewing, I improvised and came up with a pincushion bracelet that also fits the neck of my Featherweight. Thanks for making this available! -V


Charlene said...

That is absolutely a great idea. I have gotten used to both the ring and the wrist, but I LOVE you idea! Thanks for sharing. I know many others will love seeing the bracelet for your featherweight. I better watch or my FW will get very jealous! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This ring pincushion is so clever! I can't wait to make one. I'm going to start on it ASAP but I needed to drop a line to say, AWESOME!
Charlene C.

Charlene said...

It is really quick and fun! Did you check out V's that she puts on her machine? Love it too!

I have to compliment you on your name! All of us "Charlene's" must stick together!

Charlene P.