Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tape-Stitching Presser Foot

Need to add binding to a garment or possibly to your finished quilt?

I have been using this presser foot for just a short time and am truly amazed at the ease to use and also the wide variety of pre-folded bias tape you can use. You can use any prepared folded-in-three with 3mm to 20mm. I was able to bind a dainty binding on a bib, then turn the small dial for a larger sized binding.

Remove your regular presser foot and place the Tape-Stitching Presser Foot on.

Turn the guide adjustment screw away from you to increase the guide width (and toward you to decrease the width).

Insert the tape from the corner and turn toward the back of presser bar. You are ensuring the top fold is in the top slit and the bottom fold in the bottom slit.

Recheck your guide adjustment screw to ensure it is against the tape.

Loosen the stitch position adjustment screw and adjust the position of the tape guide (3) to place the cloth in position to be stitched. Lower your needle ensuring your stitching is against the edge of the bias tape, if not, readjust accordingly.

Place your cloth to be taped in position; ensure all screws are tightened.

Hold the tape and the cloth by your hands, one in front and one behind the presser bar; start stitching slowly at first.


To ensure the tape stays in the guide, I hold it up a bit as it enters the guide.

You can use an selection of tape width within 3mm to 20mm.

This does not prepare the tape as you stitch; used solely for applying pre-folded tape.

As always, if you are hunting for this foot attachment and cannot find it, send me an email and I will most certainly get you one!

Happy Stitching!


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