Thursday, October 9, 2008

Singer Attachment Case ~ Puzzle Box ~ Style 1

Wow! The Singer Style 1 Attachment Case is certainly very unique! It looks like the hemmers are standing tall at attention - so nice and shiny. I was really interested in how differently the hemmers, binder, and the tucker attach to the Attachment Foot, which allows you to attach to your sewing machine. Without this precious foot, you are left in the dark and not able to use most of the attachments. It is remarkable.

(quick note about the screwdrivers. These are NOT the ones that came with the Style 1 set. Until I find them, these will suffice for me. The correct ones look like the end of a safety pin, scrolled around in a circle)

Each hemmer, binder, and the tucker have a slot. You will slide the hemmer to the left (in this pic), between the lever and the base of the attachment foot. Then raise the lever straight up to lock into place. It is now ready to attach to your sewing machine. This is very different from most of the Attachment cases we have seen. The Style 1 is one of the very earliest boxes and set of attachments.

Looking at the date of the

attachments shows at sharp and clear "patent, Dec. 25, 1888. This was a year before the dates on the actual wooden boxes of Feb. 1889. On Christmas Day even!

The tucker looks very different from those of later boxes, as does the ruffler.

All of the attachments worked very well on my Singer featherweight.

The ruffler was easy to use and to adjust. Simply place on your machine in the same way as later ones. Be sure the fork goes over the needle bar and you are ready to to.

The tucker and the hemmers were just as easy. I do think this hemmer is one of the best. Very sturdy and I was able to start the hem easily.

The earlier attachment cases were kept closed by a very tiny latch. The previous seamstress was very ingenious in creating something, still dainty, to keep it closed when the latch broke.

I was thrilled to find one, and actually use the attachments. The fun part is seeing it....playing with it.... and sharing it. They really do exist!

Hope you have enjoyed viewing it as much as I have in using it. It is truly a joy to see those wonderful hemmers and how it attaches so uniquely.

Lastly, I have been able to upload the attachment sheet of many puzzle boxes. I am still searching for more scans and manuals, but wanted to share what I have with you, my sewing friends.

You will find them at To the left side scroll all the way down to "Singer Puzzle Box" and click. That page will list and allow you to download all that I have. Still searching for more! If you have them and are willing to share with others, let me know and I will certainly add them to the listing and give you 100% credit for sharing! Email me at

Happy Sewing!


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