Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where to find Puzzle Box list of parts

I recently received a post asking about their newly acquired puzzle box for the Singer 15-30. I do have a scanned photo of various different puzzle boxes, showing what is in them and where they go. I am more than happy to share this information with others.

There are many different Attachment Boxes for Singer sewing machines. Some are seen more often than others. I have added a link to for the Style 11 for the Singer class 15 machines. Please feel free to download to your computer for your personal use or for sharing with others. I do appreciate not using for sale purposes.

I will continue to add others to this link for free downloads, such as Style 1, Style 3, Style 11 for class 27. Those I have scanned from my manuals, and others as I find them in my traveling.

I am sure I can add a link from this blog to the sites and as soon as I get more techno understanding on how to do that - I certainly will! Sure would be nice to just click a finger and have it there!

Singer's Attachment Boxes were:
Style 1 for the IF machines
Style 1 for the VS machines
Style 3 for the VS machines
Style 7 for hte VS machines
Style 8 for the IF machines
Style 9 for the IF machines
Style 11 for the VS machines
Style 11 for the IF machines
and for the Model 24

If you do have any questions I can help with, please send me an email comment. If you wish a direct reply, you should also give me your email address. That doesn't always come up through the comment post - sometimes I get an "unknown".

I am also VERY EXCITED to have finally found a Style 1 Attachment box for the Singer VS machines. It is almost fully there! Wow! I will get that post in just a few....but here is one photo of it. Talk about unique! I will share some photos of how the ruffler and hemmers work. They are just amazing on my featherweight. Love them!

Happy Sewing!


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