Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brass Ruffler dated about 1881 - Johnston Ruffler Co

I always love to find the unusual and then search to learn more about them. I found this interestng BRASS ruffler the other day buried deep in an old attachment case - just hiding and waiting on me to find it. I would imagine the previous owner simply forgot it was there over the many years of time. What a treasure to find!

I have never seen them in brass so of course, it intrigues me. It was made by the Johnston Ruffler Co, and the last patent is May 24, 1881.
So, now the question would be - Why Brass? What sewing machines would this have been made for?
I did find the patent online and the ruffler appears to be complete when comparing with the photos in the patent application.
Any ideas? Send me an email with your thoughts and I will certainly share with our sewing friends!
Happy Sewing! I am heading to the sewing room now!

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Anonymous said...

I found a similar Ruffler Dated 1866-1871