Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Singer Domino Cards

What a wonderful find! Have you seen the Singer Domino Cards?

As always, I have a need to research all that I find and nothing turns up. I did find a set in Massachusettes at an Antiquity Museum, but I do think that is an earlier set which was made for Singer to distribute to U. S. soldiers. I believe this set is from about the 1930 era. Someone has taken very good care of them though. Every card in intact and ready to use.

If you have any information about these, or possibly have a wonderful set, please leave a post and let us all know. All of the sewing advertisements are so interesting.

As always,
Happy Sewing!


Unknown said...

hi my name is simon bowles from norfolk england just to let you now that i have a set of these cards 6 missing they were my grans where they came from i do not know i know nothing about them are they worth anything? how many people do have these?

Charlene said...

Hi Simon and lucky you to have your grans set. It is uncertain how many sets are out there, but I actually have had two almost perfect sets. You don't see them all the time, and sort of surface. I am unsure what they are actually worth, although I didn't pay a lot for mine. Value is always very subjective - just what a buyer is willing to pay.

Hope you enjoy them,