Saturday, December 20, 2008

Singer Single Thread Embroidery

Can you imagine the excitement I felt (avid attachment collector here) when I found the Singer Single Thread Embroiderer? Nothing can beat it...except for when I find the Two-Thread Embroiderer, or possibly a flange hemmer, get the idea. We are always looking for that next best attachment and sewing gizmo just right around the corner. It might be under a blanket at a flea market or hidden in a toolbox. If you are like me, you search everywhere.

This one is absolutely complete and pristine. I bet it has hardly been used, which is quite a shame since it does give an amazing stitch. I don't think I expected the embroidered stitch to be as rich and with such depth. The little thing actually has "loopers" which make your thread cross over and then your upper, regular thread sews right in the middle of this loop to create your embroidered stitch. How did they ever invent such wonders?

The hardest part was the threading. I read the directions over several times, and some of those little eyelets are quite hard to see. It was finally threaded and I was ready to go. Since I use an embroidery sewing machine, I thought to use some of that thread - a beautiful gold to go with the stars.

I am threaded, presser foot down and ready to sew. The first stitches are just gorgeous and the excitement mounts. Then, the thread breaks and I am stopped in my tracks. I peel out the stuck thread and ponder on it, I realize that this little wonder wasn't meant for the fine embroidery thread I normally use. It wanted something larger and thicker.

I pulled out the cotton crochet thread, very fine and rethreaded. Easier the second time around.

Success! No breakage and the stitches are beautiful! You just can't imagine.

See the two top threads in the photo? One is the cotton embroidery thread and the other is my regular thread. You thread your sewing machine just as usual, thread the Single Thread Embroidery attachment, and when you "commence" sewing the loopers create loops, which are sewn in by your regular stitch.

Once again, I am amazed at the inventiveness which went into each of the older sewing attachments!
Singer called this a Single-Thread Embroiderer & also called it a "Style-O-Matic". That is interesting since they had an attachment called the Style-O-Matic & manufactured a sewing machine with the same name.

I will continue to play and use this Singer wonder, but as always, the hunt is on for the next attachment, or sewing accessory. I do have quite a few that are still mysterys as to what they do. I will have to post a "mystery" page next. Just toss them all on the page for you to see. I bet you have seen or used some of them.

As always,

Happy Sewing!


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