Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brrrr.....It is Cold Outside - Time to Make Bias Binding!

BBBRRRRRR...... is what we woke up to and then kept coming down!

Practicing with a 2 inch Bias Tape Maker

I am a very visual person. Someone tells me to double and then half, and will end up with 1/4th that - I am lost. So to understand a little better how the tape makers work and which one I really need to buy, I headed to the sewing room with various sizes and the camera.

First I cut my fabric TWICE the size of the tape maker. This one is 2 inches, so I cut my bias strip 4 inches.

I cut a point on one end which helps feed it through the 'awl' of the binder. If you need to help it feed through use a stiletto or small screwdriver. Anything will help push.

I begin pressing and when I have at least 6 inches, I pin to my ironing board. More like a nice third hand.

After pressing, I now have binding that is exactly 2 inches. Now if I wanted to use it like this and not binding a raw edge, I have a perfect 2 inches which is exactly what my tape maker is.

Most of the time I am wanting to bind my raw edge, especially on my quilts.

When this 2 inch binding is folded over my raw edge, I will have 1 inch showing on each side.

If I buy the 1/2 inch, after I pull it through and press, I will have that 1/2". But when folding over a raw edge, I now have 1/4" showing.

Simple rule -
Cut your bias strip TWICE the size of your tape maker.
When sewing over a raw edge, my results will be HALF the size of my tape maker.

Now, to start working on that baby quilt! Almost done and ready for binding.

Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you took that picture BEFORE my hubby made ya a new driveway? lol, again we are very sorry about that!!!! and thanks for posting this, I'm like you, a visual learner, so I can remember the pictures in my mind before I will ever remember what I read.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot, the seam guide fits BOTH machine's!! WHOOHOO!!!. The extra screw you gave me fits the Morse but not the Babylock, but luckily the Babylock came with a longer one, I just never knew what it was for till now lolol.

Charlene said...

LOL.....correct! I think I like the "new" with the old - put them together and we have a pretty neat driveway! I am such a big visual learner! That is why I head to the sewing room with camera and write it up after. I remember best that way myself - and it makes perfect sense to share those thoughts.

WHOOHOOO....glad the guide will work on both! Keep quilting - they are gorgeous!