Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quilter's Journal

When it comes to being organized, I do believe I am OVERLY organized. I have my lists, and everything in categories. So when I go to all that trouble to keep myself on task, why be bland (or break the bank)?
Grab yourself a 6 x 9" inexpensive binder and sew up something you can put in the quilting tote. Now that you save money on the journal, you have more to spend at the local quilt shop!

If you don't feel like trudging out to find the binder, nor cutting the fabric, I do have the complete kits on the business site. You will still have that extra money for shopping! Find them at Now that I have my little "ad" out of the way - let's begin! I will give you the basics the best I can here and you can embellish from there. I have embroidered mine.

Open your binder and lay it flat on the sewing table. Measure the length and the width, plus 2" on each side. This allows for the thickness of the binder and a tad more if you want to quilt your cover. These pieces are your top and bottom. Now cut 4 pieces the length measurement x 6" wide. These will be your side panels.

Take two of your side panels, place right sides together and sew one side. On one panel you will sew the left edge and on the other you will sew the right.

Open the seam, press so your wrong sides are together. You can top stitch it all the way around if you wish. You now have two panels and each one has 3 raw edges and one with a seam.

Cut a small 1" x 10" piece of fabric for your bottom loop. Fold it in half, press, and fold again. Top-stitch.

If you are sewing on any embroidered piece, do it now before sewing all together.

Layer your pieces - place your top piece on the table facing up, lay each side panel on with all raw edges matching (your sewn edge will be inside this layer). Now lay your back piece on. Match all raw edges and pin. Your button loop will be pinned to the left side. Fold in half, and pin it so your raw edges are matched and the actual loop is on the inside of your layers.

Sew around all four sides, leaving about 6" opening at the bottom for turning.

Turn it to the right side and you are almost done!

Add your button and any embellishments and Voila! A fancy Quilter's (or Sewing) Journal.

I also added a pocket to the right side to hold all my favorite pens. Now just tuck in a plastic insert to hold your fabric strips and notes.

Happy Sewing (& Quilting!)

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