Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharing Time

There are so many wonderful and talented people out there (yes, you know who you are!), and you all have so much to share. I have some little nuggets of gathered items here I just know something will intrigue and inspire you!

From Jamie's Creative Corner Blog - A great Pigeon Forge Quilt Builder she found free on the net, shared on her site, so thought I would just keep it going. Before you start - it is addicting!Thank you Jamie. Check out her Etsy site.

Do you love crochet as much as I do? The warmth is just fabulous! You just must check out this site. I love reading her blog and seeing all the fine articles she makes. From Argentina and so very creative in her art. You must check out TiaBones Crochet Blog about creating Fur Tape, which is similar to the Pom-Pom but of ribbon. I must try her technique here shortly! Keep reading and you will be amazed at the talent of this lovely person! She has another site also.

One of my favorite quilting sites is About.Com Quilting. Fabulous assortment of articles, patterns, and all sorts of nuggets of information.

Need a boost in your creativity? A wonderful place that will lift you up, energize that next project, and keep you interested is Check out all the talent hiding there! much, much more!

What sites do you flock to? Send them to me and I will share some more! Just email

Happy Sewing & Quilting! Charlene

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