Sunday, March 8, 2009

Singer Advertising Trade Card - Paper Dolls

Well, let's call that fabric dolls!
I wanted to use my trade cards in a way that I could enjoy them. I pulled out my cards, computer fabric paper, and went to work. Hope you enjoy! What other ways have you used your cards?

As always, feel free to print the instructions for your personal use - not for any resell. Let's share our ideas and some of our lovely items!

First I enlarged my card so that it would fit a half sheet. I did try larger, but it begins to get distorted.

I printed mine onto computer fabric. Do not pull the backing off, nor separate the fabric from the paper backing. That will cause weakness and some frayed ends. Just leave everything together and you will have the strength you need for continuous playing. You might experiment with other papers, maybe some heavy tagboard. The Tacky glue will also work on that. Let me know what other alternatives you might come up with! The less expensive, the better!

After cutting out your doll and clothes, cover the back of each piece with a re-positional tacky fabric glue. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue. You can usually find it at your local sewing or crafts store. Let it dry until clear and you are ready to play! This glue allows you to take on and off, over and over quite a number of times.

The clothes can be put on over and over and over. When the tacky fabric glue loses 'stickibility', just put on a little more.

When not in use, keep the cloths & doll on a smooth surface. Freezer paper works great and very inexpensive.

I also used some of my trade cards in quilt squares. Once they are printed onto the fabric computer paper, they are ready to sew into anything! Just follow the directions for the fabric paper, and this time you will pull the backing off. This leaves you with a fabulous fabric. Make a tote or make a quilt!

Just have fun in an inexpensive way. One bottle of the tacky fabric glue will last for many, many projects. I am sure you will think of other uses.

Just click for my pdf file. I was able to get two per page. Remember, please share the link - but don't resell please.

Happy Sewing & Quilting!


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