Friday, March 6, 2009

Singer Attachment Numbers

Why the different part numbers?

The last post showed some of the Singer embroidery attachments. One of them has at least 3 numbers on it! I have been told by a previous Singer salesman that the different numbers represented the different machines models the attachment would fit on. This let them (salesmen) sell attachments for the correct machines. When the attachment fit a newer model, they gave the attachment another number for that model. That would be how this one small embroidery attachment has three Singer numbers. Any thoughts?

Today we reference them by low, slant, and high shank. That can work most of the time, but not in the case of this particular attachment. It won't work on ALL low shank. That is also the case on other attachments, feet, and fashion aids. Have a low shank machine, and a low shank attachment that just doesn't work correctly? It just may not fit as it is intended in order to work correctly. The Singer stripping foot is another one that comes to mind very quickly. It is low shank so one would assume it will slide onto the 221. Not at all. This tiny little foot must match up with the correct size needle bar.

Toss in any other thoughts or maybe we can hear from more Singer employees. Thanks again!

Happy sewing & quilting!

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