Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spruce up the Sewing Room!

Finally we have some spring weather and can begin working in the yard. So nice to gather up the leaves, and dried flowers from the flower bed and see the green starting to sprout up! There will be cold days and evenings, for sure, but there is light at the end of winter time!

After working in the yard, I wanted a little bit of that spring and brightness in the sewing room. So, I decided the dull grey ironing board cover was ready to be hidden from view!

I didn't remove it since it has my nice thick padding, but just a quick cover-up. One that can be easily changed whenever I am ready.

No pattern - just some visual laying out of the fabric. Easy to do, and it you make some uneven stitches here and there - no one will ever know! I just had fun.

After choosing my springy fabric ( 2 yards will make two of them), I placed the fabric over my ironing board. I measured about 5" from the edge all the way around and marked it. Cut the excess.

I decided I wanted a small area to keep some sewing tools handy to the iron. I find I am always reaching for my measuring gauge, and especially my bias binding tape makers. I can also tuck in some small scissors to catch those elusive threads.

I cut a 20" x 20" piece of fabric, and folded in half (to give some strength). Place on the edge of the ironing board - about 6 inches from the end is where I wanted it to be.

I marked it about 5" from the edge, and cut to match the fabric underneath. Since I wanted it to fit snugly against the other fabric and the ironing board, I placed a pin where each edge of the ironing board was. Going to the sewing machine, sew straight down. Next, sew around the entire "pocket". This will help later when hemming.

You could add some ties here and there as you hem around your cover, but I wanted it to fit nice and snug all the way around. I cut about 68" of small, 1/2" elastic.

Gong to the sewing machine, I hemmed all the way around, leaving about a 2 inch opening. Since my elastic is 1/2", I made sure my hem "opening" would accommodate feeding it through. So, I turned my edge up 1/4" and the second turn was 3/4 inch. This gave me about a 3/4" hem all the way around.

Next, I placed a large safety pin on the edge of my elastic and began feeding it through the hem opening. Continue all the way around, back to where you started. Yes, I know there are some fabulous sewing tools that will feed my elastic through, but this is just supposed to be fun and easy for everyone! So, I used what I learned as I was taught to sew - the safety pin.

Once the elastic had been fed all around the cover and coming back out, pin this to the fabric (not the other end of the elastic or the next step could cause it to be lost in the middle somewhere).

Time for a trial fit and to see where to sew the elastic together. Place it on the ironing board and pull one end of the elastic until you have a nice snug fit, either hold both ends of the elastic tightly together or pin them. Head to the sewing machine and sew it, going over it 3 or 4 times - you want it to hold for quite a while! Sew your opening closed and you are finished!

Place on your ioning board, smooth it out, tuck your items insides, and just step back to admire your handiwork. Surely brightens up the sewing room!

I think I might add a pocket at the other end, so it will hang down the edge. I can then place my starch and other ironing items in it.

I didn't want to lose track of my small measuring gauge, so I placed a nice pin (see how handy they come in) in the cover, and it can hang over the edge of the board until I need it. Now I am ready and feel energized to continue that crazy quilt!

Happy Sewing & Quilting!

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