Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruffler Sewing Machine Attachment - Tips

Have you tried to ruffle netting and just kept getting it caught on the ruffler? Use your scrap computer paper! I save the bits and pieces instead of tossing into the trash and head to the sewing room.

Cut into strips and they are ready to use for many purposes. I needed to ruffle some netting, while sewing onto my bias strip. Place a piece of the paper underneath the ruffler. Keep adding as you need to until you come to the end. This keeps the netting from getting caught in the feed dogs and then jerking in the ruffler. Perfect!

When you have finished, the stitching provides a perfect perforation and easy to tear off. Once you pull off one side of paper, the other just falls off easily.

Now onto the reason for the bias strip in the first place!

Notice how the netting ruffled but not the bias strip? The ruffler can do many amazing things and one is ruffling one fabric while sewing onto another. All in how you place each one in the ruffler. All covered in an earlier blog or you can find it later on pages 56 to 61 of my new book (to be released REAL soon) The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook.
Once the bias strip has been sewn on, you can then fold and turn over to the back of your netting. This covers the raw netting edge AND also creates a perfect casing for small elasitic. In just a few short steps the ruffling and the waist band have been finished.

Insert your elastic and the top is completing done!

Last step is to cover the bottom raw edge with bias tape. If I am making my own bias tape from fabric, I can use my binder attachment. Just insert the bias strip in the correct slot and the netting inbetween the folds (cover the entire binder later on or send me an email for the steps). Since I am using pre-folded bias tape the netting hasn't any protection and will get caught easily in the binder (believe me as I have tried!), so using the binder isn't an option. I can pull out several other attachments and use instead. My goal is to create a very even line of stitching. Either go very slowly and use a perfect "eye", use your edge stitcher, or maybe a binder tape stitching foot. I used my edge stitcher.

Finished with the top and the bottom, and a fully ruffled petticoat is completed! Just short and simple.

So, reuse that computer paper in the sewing room!

Happy Sewing!

I do have complete instructions for the ruffler, binder, and many other sewing machine attachments in my new book! It is so exciting and I hope you will enjoy it!

The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook is available at many online bookstores, including Amazon, Books-A-Million, and Barnes and Noble.

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