Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day! Make a Vest

Today is our tax day so a very good day to use up some of the fabric stash, and some odds and ends to make a vest. Very easy to do really and I used the zigzagger to help with some embellishments.

I made a pattern from a very comfortable old vest. Cut my front and back from my fabric and lining. I also cut two front pieces from some gold colored netting (tulle). Then the fun began with some odds and ends from the button box. I was able to snip the shank off the buttons so they lay flat. I just played around laying them out until I was satisfied with the look, and layed the tulle front piece over top. With my zigzagger I sewed each one into a 'box of stitches".

If you are going to have a small belt to tie at the back, this is the time to insert in the side seams as you sew your vest fabric.

Sew the top seam and side seams of your front fabric and of your lining - leave those armholes free.

Lay the two pieces with right sides facing and pin all around the outer edge. Stitch around this outer edge, leave about a 5 inch gap along the very bottom. You could leave this at the neckline, just a preference with me.

Turn your vest to the right side and press seams. As I pressed, I pulled some of the lining to show. I wanted just a little bit of the lining to show along to draw in more of the black color.

Top stitch all around the outer edge, also closing the gap at the bottom. Next you will finish off your sleeves by folding in your vest and your lining about 1/2". Pin and sew.

I just have the little frog closure to hand sew and I am finished! I think next time I will tuck several little bits and bobs in some of the holes. I must mention the idea of tucking little items under a sheer covering is totally not mine. I saw it somewhere about a year ago - maybe on the Pfaff sewing site???......

Happy Sewing!


Jamie said...

Very cute, love the buttons!

Charlene said...

Thanks Jamie! I do think next time I will toss in a lot more - maybe more color. But this was a start and just playing around!

Happy day!