Monday, June 1, 2009

Making Your Own Binding

You will always need to cut your strips on the true bias. Bring one corner of your fabric down, matching the top of your fabric to your selvage. Measure and mark your strips according to the size you want. I measured mine 7/8" as I want very tiny strips for my fusible bias tape maker.
To join the strips you can utilize the diagonale angle of your ends (shown in my book, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook page 39) or you can match square end to square end as shown. After sewing, cut off the end close to your stitching. This is a VERY fast process without really thinking about which way to lay the strips. You really don't have much waste at all!

Now your strips are ready for your bias tape-maker or use the fusible tape-maker!

One yard of fabric 45" wide made about 40 yards (correction to book page 39) of bias strips that were 7/8" wide. If you wanted strips about 1 1/4" wide, the yard of fabric will give you about 35 yards of bias strips. What a savings over purchasing ready made strips.

I will take the time to make my strips, then roll them up carefully, so they aren't distorted. They are ready to pull out for any project!

Next blog will share another way to cut and sew a yard of fabric for bias binding strips! There are quite a few wonderful methods. Try each one and see what suits you!

Happy Sewing!

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