Monday, June 1, 2009

More Bias Strips!

Fold your fabric top corner down to your selvage and match. Cut off the excess so you now have a large square.
Open your fabric up (check to see you have a square shape). Now bring the top corner down to the bottom selvage, matching up. Cut along the longer side to give you two pieces.

Place your two pieces as shown in the photo - looks like a pair of pants. Sew along the top seam.

Open the fabric up and on the wrong side, measure and draw your cutting lines.

You are now ready to match and pin your seam. Fold your fabric so the marked lines are facing as in the photo. Now you will MOVE one of the marked lines to the right, and it will not be pinned to the other side of the fabric. It is just "hanging out there" and looks as if it doesn't belong to anything. Now begin pinning your lines as shown. I place the pin in the center of the mark.

Check the other side to ensure that mark is also in the center as shown. I will also do another check. With several lines pinned, open up the fabric (as if it had been sewn and you are looking at the seam). Are your lines connected to each other? This is where you will be cutting your strip.

With everything lined up and checked, continue pinning. You will end up with another line not getting pinned. By now your pinned fabric will not be laying flat and will look at twisted and jumbled like shown. Sew a 1/4" seam at the top. Remove your pins.

Begin cutting your strips. Begin cutting the line that did not match up with another one (either side). Continue cutting all the way to the other end.

Soon you will be at the very last line!

With this method you will get just a little less than the previous method. I cut this bias strip 1 1/4" wide and from one yard of fabric I got 30 yards of bias binding. I fold it up and it will be ready for any project!

Several things to note. First, there are quite a few methods for folding and cutting your own bias binding strip. Try them each and choose what best suits you. Second, the yardage of bias strip you will end up with, also depends on the method used.

There is one more that I am familiar with and it utilizes ALL of the fabric. Folding into a square, cutting off that little extra end, but then SEWING that end to the other side. Give me a bit and I will take some photos for that process.

Meantime - to correct my book page 39, the earlier method will give you about 40 yards of bias strip from one yard of fabric when cut into 7/8" strips, and about 35 yards when cut into 1 1/4" strips.

Happy Sewing!

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