Thursday, June 4, 2009

Willcox & Gibbs - the true story

I do believe my poor Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine is going to revolt against me! To think I caused it to have some personality complex due to misinformation in my book is just too unbearable. Although since my lovely treadle is so forgiving, I believe I will be all right.

In all the time I have known my lovely treadle, it has never had a shuttle nor bobbin wound because they do not have any! Bless its heart.

It is certainly not a "transverse shuttle machine." Yet due to several words I left out of my book one would certainly believe that is the case. Please refer to my book and on page 25 you will see I talk about bed-clamping attachments. Please correct my sentence to read, "Bed-clamping attachments are found on very early transverse shuttle sewing machines, and others such as the Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch." It is most certainly a chainstitching machine and that is one of the reasons I love using it. No bobbins (shuttles/spindle) to wind, nor place in the machine. Thread and treadle away! Just keep her threaded and she is perfectly happy!

I love history and learning how old my machines are, and once again I have created my poor Willcox & Gibbs some dire unhappiness. I have aged the poor thing (which is, of course, one never does with a beauty like her!). On page 10 of my book, I transversed my numbers (oh, I must type this correctly this time or the poor dear will never forgive me for adding such age to her!).

The 3rd paragraph should read, "In about 1875, Willcox & Gibbs advertised its chain-stitch machine as "the noiseless automatic." It was certainly not in 1857 as written. The first machines were not automatic, and the automatic came out sometime after the 1870s. They were founded in about 1859, and I have a lovely advertisement about my precious beauty, the automatic, which is dated about 1876. So, of course I added such age to her!

Now that I have made the corrections, I do believe my lovely treadle will once again sew her beautiful stitching for me! All she needs is a few drops of oil and ready to go.

Happy sewing, quilting, and treadling!

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