Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drum roll please......

Contest results are in!
I have been reading the most fabulous replies for the past month and loving every one you sent. Remember the question for the contest? What one sewing item would you have to have on a deserted island?

Read on for some of the responses - I pulled only a few from the tremendous amount I received. No names, but you certainly know who you are! Then I will share the winner!

Read on...

“I am sure there is something on the island that I could use as a ruler, one can finger press so no iron, or use a sunheated stone, pins - maybe skinny shards of shells.... Patterns- lots of leaves for shapes. I would take my Elmer's washable glue. That would stick those circles and applique shapes into place, use it instead of pins, get those pesky seams aligned. Yes can't do without my glue.”

“It's a toss-up between my rotary cutter/mat and my 1/4" presser foot.”

“Impossible to focus on one, but how could I leave behind my new Rocketeer? I will need needles and thread and fabric and at least one pattern and the list goes on. Okay, if just one, my fine Japanese hand sewing needles (and thread) to catch up on hand sewing.”

“The problem is no matter what tool I select will I still have the basics (fabric, needles, thread) with which to work? My one tool would have to be my scissors... exact measurements would have to be out the window, but at least I wouldn't have to tear my fabric.”

“Choose only one? That's certainly a difficult decision, because so many sewing notions and accessories function in unison -- or is that harmony -- with one another. If I were restricted to Just One item of any kind to take along to supplement the minimal essentials such as fabric, thread, a cutting instrument, and hand-sewing needle for performing same -- or a hand-crank machine w/needle and oil if the island were so primitive as to not have electricity for machine operation and/or after-dusk lighting.

I would have to select the practical item of a magnifying glass ... in some handy style to either suspend from around my neck, or attach to eyeglass frames, or affix to a stationary object such as a Singer 99k 'people-powered' machine. If, after receiving the miracle of restored keen eyesight, then instead of the magnifying glass, the next handy notion to have nearby is something that connects similar but separate things together into one seamless plane of threads, such as an edge-joining foot. It brings two edges that were once raw and jagged, together to form a unified field of cloth. Oh that human conflicts were so easily brought closely and stitched together to form one stronger unit. Might need to learn to make a hammock fashioned from tropical fronds, or reinforce leaves seamed together to create a tarp, shielding one from the daily rain showers.”

Drum roll please.........the winner is...... S. Spencer of TX!!! I will be contacting and sending out a box of surprise sewing/quilting items. Congratulations to everyone for sending me your thoughts. You absolutely thrilled me with each one.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!

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Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! Congrats to our winner.