Sunday, August 2, 2009

Share the love of sewing

Love to share the passion of sewing and who best but with the grandchildren. Came over yesterday and my hand crank was sitting out with oodles of fabric strips. I am still sewing on my scrappy quilt (but almost done). Showed them how it works, and they were fascinated! Soon they were cranking away! Older grandson, Chance, decided he wanted to make a 'wallet' so I showed him how to sew two pieces together and let him go. Pretty soon he had sewn his strips together, folded them, sewed that seam, folded down the top, and sewed his edge. Voila! He was very proud of his first design. He also wanted to show you the inside.

Future for that one!

The next eldest grandchild, Corin, was actually designated the "threader". She could get the needle threaded in no time. She also made several of her versions of the wallet. Nice job to both!

Oh, yes, they are ages 9 and 7 years old.

Keep sewing and 'designing",

Keep those "deserted island" must-haves coming! The basket is getting full and will choose the lucky winner August 27th. Getting some fabulous ideas and will share them shortly.

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