Friday, August 28, 2009

Threads Magazine Review

I just received the most fabulous news from a dear internet friend. The Threads Magazine has been sent to subscribers and they did a very nice review of my book, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook! I have been on pins and needles of excitement, and waiting on my copy. Now, I anxiously await seeing the review and reading it.

I am certainly lucky and humbled to have two fabulous magazines print a review this month of my book. I owe it to all of you fabulous people out there! Thank you.

Check both these magazines out as they offer many wonderful articles and how-tos for sewers and quilters.

I have read and reread the Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine. So many articles of the final quilting process. So much inspiration! In all of the Threads magazines you will find special articles geared towards improving your sewing.

I will certainly give a shout when I get my copy of Threads!

Take care and happy sewing!


Maryissewfast said...

Hi Charlene,
I was browsing at Borders and found your book! It is an amazing resource. I love all things sewing, especially vintage. I picked up a box of attachments for $2.00 yesterday and some of them were unfamiliar to me. You not only identified them, you showed me how to use them! Thank you! Mary

Charlene said...

Hi Mary and thank you for such wonderful compliments! To be able to identify what you have is certainly the first step. Isn't it fun to find a nice lot of attachments for a low price? It doesn't take long to get hooked though.

Happy Sewing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene: I have collected vintage sewing machines for the past 10 years and always looked at the attachments and wondered. No more quessing thanks to you. I ordered your book on Amazon and I love it. I refer to it all the time and I thank you once again for the wonderful explaination of these attachments and the beautiful machines of the past. Thank you Alison

Charlene said...

Thank you Alison! There isn't any bigger compliment than to know the book helps identify and use those lovely things we collect. There are SOOOOO.... many more attachments than could be covered.

Happy Stitching!