Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making Your Own Ruffled Binding

After adding the ruffles to the quilt I thought I would try some more. I think you can tell I am partial to the color yellow!

I wanted ruffles along the edge of my apron, so instead of buying some - choose your own colors and make your own. I wanted the ruffles to be the same color as my apron but wanted the binding to be a different color for some contrast. Remember, with the ruffler you can ruffle and sew on to and between pieces of base fabric.

To prepare, I cut my strip to be ruffled (the yellow) 4" wide. Then folded in half lengthwise and pressed.

I cut my "binding" strips 2" wide. You can adjust this according to the width of your finished binding.

Place one binding strip under the ruffle, the folded yellow strip in the ruffling part of your ruffler, and the second binding strip on top. Begin sewing. As you sew, the yellow will be ruffling, so just keep a gentle hold on the two blue pieces as they won't draw up as quickly as the yellow.

For full instructions of using your ruffler, I explain it all on pages 56 to 61 in my book, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. You can also follow the directions which came with your ruffler or down load from my web site.
Next I pressed the binding (blue) away from the ruffle. You can topstitch at this point if you wish.

The next press will create the ruffled binding. Fold each raw edge to the inside and press. I do like to use spray starch for a nice crisp press.

It is now ready to use. You can also add any other type of lace, ribbon at the same time you sew onto the edge of your main garment (in this case my apron).

have fun!
Happy Stitching,


Jen O said...

Love these crazy techniques.
Just found 5 vintage sewing books today at a thrift store.
You are one of the few who probably can appreciate that!

Charlene said...

You lucky gal, Jen! I grab each and every one I can. There is always so much to learn from them and just love them, and those attachments.

Have fun reading them!


Charlene said...

Jen - I just went to your web site and EVERYONE should go there and see your fab work. How I wish I were closer to drop by!

Everyone should go to see what Jen does at

Have fun browsing around her site.


Darla said...

Charlene, What a nice demo on the ruffler with 'binding'. I enjoyed it and will be back to look at it for reference. I'm enjoying your book also. Thanks

Charlene said...

Thank you Darla! The ruffler can do so many things but this method does really make the quilts stand out. I am so glad you are enjoying the book and any questions at all just let me know. I am always available at

Take care and Happy Sewing!