Monday, September 7, 2009

Side Cutter II Attachment

I have had several questions about using the Side Cutter II attachment, so thought this would be a nice Labor Day project. The purpose of the Side Cutter is to cut the fabric, right after being sewing - similar to a Serger. As with all sewing machine attachments, there are benefits and limitations. Knowing these helps you use them as intended - to increase your sewing pleasure.

The Side Cutter I have suggests a stitch width of 5mm. For my specific sewing machine, a Babylock, this was too wide and would result in the needle hitting part of the attachment. Some tweaking and I did use 3.5mm successfully. I also played around with various finishing stitches, such as the zigzag, overcast, and others. I was most happy with the normal zigzag stitch and found I could control the density as I wished.

First remove your regular presser foot and place the Side cutter on. The fork goes over the arm as you can see in the photo.

Next, adjust your stitch width. I did simple adjustments and each time checked my needle position to ensure it did not hit the Side Cutter attachment.

Cut your fabric about 1 inch. This allows the fabric to slide over the proper bar and fit against the cutter.

Notice where the groove is in the photo. Insert your fabric here.

Begin sewing. It is important to keep your fabric lined up so your seam and cut edge are straight.

Practice with different settings on your machine. I did find the cutter to work satisfactory, and if you do not have a serger, this works.

As always, practice and have fun. Your sewing machine attachments should work for YOU, not against you.

Have you used this attachment? On what machines and what adjustments did you make? Remember, each machine is different.

Have fun and happy stitching!



Anonymous said...

I am having the worst of luck with this side cutter. Every time i start to sew with it no matter what stitch setting (babylock Sofia) the stitch does not hold in my clothe due to the stitching be too close to the edge. I am an intermediate sewer.
Also on the foot I've noticed the guide left of the blade is bent up on both of the side cutter II (I bought one as a present) any suggestions would be great.

Charlene said...

Are you using a Babylock side cutter for the Sofia or another brand? Sounds as if you have tried everything on the stitch setting, even the stitch width. Adjusting the stitch width is the first thing that comes to my mind, but sure you have tried that. The stitching does fall right on the edge, as the cutter does cut the fabric right before stitching. If using a Babylock side cutter, can the guide be adjusted?

You can always email me privately and see what specifics I can help with.

~Beth D. said...

I am having a horrible time with mine! It doesn't seem to be using the bobbin correctly. But, I am using my mom's machine and am so confused! (I don't have the manual.) It is getting tangled and I can't figure out how to get the bobbin thread up.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I have been looking for help on the internet. I will not give up, now!

Charlene said...

Keep working on it. What model is your mother's machine? Maybe s reader has a copy of the manual. Does the bobbin tangle other times?

Anonymous said...

I have one of these tools and figured out how to get it on the machine, but when I stitch, the needle goes back and forth over what seems like the right side "limit". in other words, the needle is too far right. I need to get it to mount farther left to get my needle in the middle of the sewing area. Any tips?

Charlene said...

What machine are you using? Can the needle position be adjusted? or possibly the stitch width? Email me with specifics if you wish at

LiL wHiTe RaBBiT said...

I bought 1 too, Brother's SA177, but I couldn't even attach it at all. The distance between the presser foot and the plate isn't enough for the side cutter to go in. Anyone can help me?

Charlene said...

I hope someone who has the Brother stitcher can respond to you. I am always glad to take a closer look if possible. A photo sent to my email might give me a clue. Send more information to me at

Celeste said...

I just got one of these but either my machine won't take it (accept it) or I just don't know what I'm doing...I have a Singer Prelude. I feel like I can't get it to attach to work...just don't know what I'm doing. It's almost like there's too much stuff on the sewing machine to allow the side cutter II to thing specifically is the release lever in the back that you engage to remove presser's like it's in the way. HELP! :/

Celeste said...

I just wanted to say that I figured it out...I had no idea you could take the whole "thing" off that post...not just the presser feet themselves but the contraption that holds the presser feet onto the machine...I did a trial run and it worked well...just need to play with it to "master" it.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me? I have a brother SE400 machine and have the SA177 side cutter foot. It is not working. It is attached correctly from what I can tell, and the material is inserted correctly. But, it is still not working. I can get it to cut, but the thread knots and it will not sew and cut at the same time. Help please.

Anonymous said...

I finally got the Side Cutter II installed on my Singer 8280 model sewing machine. It took me some time to do this. The one problem I am having now, is that the cutter is not cutting the material. I see nothing wrong with blade, it is coming down, but no material is being cut. Am I doing something wrong?

Chare'e Marniece said...

Hello I have a quick question, I am in a lunch on a dead line so I want to make sure I order something that will work efficiently.

I have a brother XL 2600 I have searched every where in my town for a side cutter buy only found 1 it is made for brother machines.. At $52 But I also found a universal one the " side cutter II" for $15..
Would this work with my machine our would I be better off getting the brother attachment