Monday, October 12, 2009

Houston Fall Quilt Market

What a fabulous event! I met so many great and interesting people and loved every minute. Dedicated quilters and sewers from all around the world and such long days each one put in! Friday was my session and of course the "not-to-miss" shopping spree! Long day but accumulated fabric, gadgets, and friends. Met many from various sewing sites, and that was precious to me. The demo Sunday was a ton of fun for me as it was up-close and personal. I was able to really show how to use several attachments, answer specific questions, and meet fabulous fellow sewers. Thank you to everyone who dropped by the session and and the demo. I enjoyed every minute I spent with you.

I wish I could have visited at lunch time with my TreadleOn friend! Thank you for the offer. Aren't sewers the best people you can meet?

Thanks to F+W Media (Krause Pubs) for running everything so smoothly. You can visit all their crafty books at

Pics of the session, "my newly accumulated stash" of fabric and notions, and some of the demo.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Stitching,

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