Thursday, October 22, 2009

pearl and piping foot/attachment

With this foot I am thinking lace, double piping, beading and piping - the possibilities are just endless. Amazingly, just slide the strand of beads under the groove, set your zigzag width as wide as the beading. As you zigzag, the stitch falls perfectly right between each bead! Lovely, easy, and FAST!

The groove will take up to 1/4" cord or beading. If you use nylon monofilament thread, the stitching won't show (I used dark pink so you could see where they are).

Slide the beading into the groove for beads or even rhinestones. You can also add your piping in one sewing pass. Just choose the right size of cording.

I did release the pressure of my machine to eliminate a little bit of puckering. Helps the beading slide through easier.

Remember to do a practice piece for the zigzag stitch. A denser stitch gave more color in between each of the beads. Not a bad look for setting off the beads.

Add decorative cording by just sewing over with a zigzag stitch, again using the nylon monofilament will let the beautiful cording stand out!

Some initial pics while practicing - more later when I begin to incorporate into some designs and projects! Just plain fun. If you have a zigzag, and love to add some BLING, then this is a certain foot for you to get.

This is the snap-on foot specific to my Baby Lock, but they have quite a few other brands for your machines. Got this one from my fav quilting store - Seams Sew Easy Quilt Shop (

Happy Stitching!

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