Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage Feed Sacks

Not all playing, but also some researching on one of my newest collections - feed sacks and older pattern books. Strange how we can begin to fall in love with so many things; yet this brings back memories! Everything was saved and used, nothing thrown away if they could use in some way. Even the string was pulled (nice chain stitch) from the feed sacks and used in crochet. Now, I should really call them cotton bags, as there were feed sacks with chicken feed, and also various sizes for flour, sugar, salt, meal, and the feed bags. I have found a nice vintage booklet giving some ideas of what to sew and how many sacks of which type you needed.

Want to sew a laundry bag? It took 2 bags that were 30x34. This could be two flour sacks (50 lbs each). A small waist apron took 3 bags, size 36x39. This could be 3 flour bags of 100 lbs each.

Just a few of my samples, but to collect them all would be a lifetime. There were thousands of patterns eventually made. Now, I just have to decide to cut into them.....

Happy Stitching!


Ruby said...

I love these! It really is so hard to cut some fabrics! I suppose that's why I'm a fabricacholic (sp?)

Charlene said...

I know exactly how you feel! Maybe when I accumulate more sacks I will feel I can cut into them. Hard to find them still intact (but they are certainly out there!); as every scrap of one was used.

No matter how we spell it - accumulating fabric is VERY addictive.


Anonymous said...

Oh don't cut them - enjoy them - history doesn't demand you cut them today ;)

Charlene said...

Hi Feltmaker! What an excellent point and with so much in my fabric stash already.....grin.....

They are a beauty to look at just the way they are. Inspiring in the sewing room. Especially those with the labels still on them. Someday they won't be around at all. There are thousands of different designs and I was so amazed after browsing through a new book.