Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flower Stitch Foot

Simplify the Flower Stitch Attachment Instructions AND will it fit your machine

The Flower Stitch Attachment is low shank. Be sure to check your sewing machine to ensure it will fit. I added my low shank adapter to my Baby Lock before using. Some of the Brother and Bernina are the same way. Have also learned the Janome 6600 is a high shank, the Janome 6500 is a low shank (thank you Carole!). My featherweights are low shank, so no problems. My Singer 301 is slant so won't fit.

If you read my earlier post I tried to give some tips and explain how to use this fascinating attachment. It intrigues me the differences (and similarities) between this one and the Circular Stitcher (which I will get to in a few days).

After opening the box and reading the instructions (yes, I have to do that) I found I was rereading them several times. I felt like I had missed something. I realized I hadn't missed anything however the way I turned toward the plus and minus was certainly different than the directions say. So, here is my method for easiness.

You now have the Flower Stitch Attachment on, dropped or covered your feed dogs, selected your pattern and stitch width - now you are wanting to change the size of your flower.

First take a good look at the various markings. The small metal disk has your plus and minus. Now look inside that metal disk and that piece is called the setting mark.

Loosen the screw (upper left of the photo). Now move the metal piece left or right to the size you want. The instructions appear to be pointing to the plastic disc but I found I couldn't get it back to the smaller size. So, just move the small metal disk (that has the plus and minus marks).

The next part of the directions explains where to place your fabric. Practicing and watching are the two tips! Set your flower stitch all the way left (minus). Set your fabric under the attachment and note where the needle is in relation to the setting mark. Sew. You can visually see where the center of your circle is. Do the same thing for the center mark and then all the way to plus.

I learn (and remember!) much better by practicing and visually watching.

Practicing with your pattern stitches is another interesting point. The actual pattern is going to look a bit different from what you choose. It is making the pattern, but the way the disks move your fabric makes it look entirely different. Hard to explain but just play around with it. You will soon find some patterns you like more than others.

The bottom part of your attachment should have a nice piece of foam. This helps it move smoothly.

Have fun!

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