Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sewing Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Gifts for Boys

The hardest to sew for, but always appreciative! Now that the two boys are grown and one grandson is in 4th grade, it gets a little harder to make gifts for them. At least in my sewing room. I did a search on the internet to get some ideas and thought there may be others who could benefit from what I found.

First, let me share some tips I have learned over the years. Especially for those of us who just do not start early enough.

  1. Sew like an assembly line when possible. If making one tote, why not make several? It doesn’t take that much longer and if you choose fabric and threads that are close, then even better!
  2. Wind loads and loads of bobbins before you start. Keeps you in the swing of things to not stop and wind the bobbin. I use the Wright’s Bobbin Winder because it is SOOOO very easy and quick.
  3. KISS - Keep it Simple Silly! That doesn’t mean it is without lots of embellishments and extras, but the basic pattern is not that complicated. This is not the time to learn how to make a fitted garment (unless that is the only thing you are doing, and have plenty of time).
  4. Take advantage of ready made clothes. Add some beads, or some yo-yos to the front of a jean skirt. Do as I did earlier and take an old jean skirt of your own and cut it down for a young girl. Add lots of bling! and they will be very happy.
  5. Don’t skip pressing your items. Makes all the difference in the world in the finished product.
  6. Lastly, ENJOY the process! This is supposed to be fun and relaxing!

Now for those gift ideas for boys and grown men in your life. Jump to these web sites and see what you might find. Sometimes just a nugget of an idea will jump start your thinking.

I have a list of ideas now and PLEASE, PLEASE what else can you add?

Click on the links below for some different ideas -

Nail apron, men’s wallet, football pillow, chef apron, fuzzy dice, and more -

Travel set, tool wrap (now that is a keeper for me), cable cache, more

Nice page full of ideas, like a pocket for the TV remote, and FOOD (certainly a keeper, especially the beef jerky), scarves, fleece blankets (think camouflage), and more

What about a big floor pillow? and more ideas

Hoping this bit will get your creative juices flowing! Now, back to the sewing room, alias 'Santa's workshop".

Happy Sewing,


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