Saturday, January 9, 2010

Organization Ideas for your Sewing Room

What a fantastic amount of ideas! Check out the responses from the earlier blog and you can begin organizing that sewing room in no time. I have already began using some of the ideas and loving it!

Others have been coming in and I just have to share them with you. Sit back and read them through. There has to be quite a bit of things you can begin doing as I have. Keep the ideas coming and I will continue to share.


Page shared all of her ideas:
"Patterns - Plain white boxes from Container Store - patterns stand up sideways so I can file through them like a filing cabinet - one box for dolls and crafts, one for adult patterns, one for children

Button - I save Bonne Marie jam jars b/c they are so cute. Each jar holds a different color of button - I have about 6 of them stacked in a pyramid.

Wood shelf with wood towel? bar - the wood bar holds all my ribbon spools/. I just pull off what I need as I go along.

Thread - I have a wooden silverware tray I hung on the wall horizontally. I backed it with flowered scented paper. The "shelves" are just the right height to hold my thread organized by color and a few nick nacks too for fun.

Projects in process - I have a huge shelf given to me by a friend. It is long and has 6 coat hooks across (underneath the shelf). I hang my works in progress in a bag on each hook. I also hang my embroidery hoops and scissors (I put a ribbon on all my scissor handles) on the hooks or quick access.

Little bits - My friend saves baby food jars for me and gives them to me clean! I use them for all those little things - snaps, beads, hooks and eyes, etc, etc.

Little drawers - Container Store has these great stackable tiny drawers. Four drawers in each column. They are about 3 x3" and deep enough to hold pencils. I have 4 towers of these and each drawers is large enough without extra wasted room to hold needles, pins, elastics, velcro, etc.

I also have an old Singer sewing table with 3 drawers on the side - very valuable storage!

And I have all of my vintage sewing attachments in one of those old featherweight suitcase boxes - someone was throwing it away with its accessories (sadly some were missing) and gave it to me! It is beige and still has its handle. It is hands down the best way to store those awkward sewing attachments. Now that I think of it, it would be nice to have one for my modern sewing machine too.

I have a small long tin (like an Altoids tin but longer with a domed hinged lid). It is from chocolates from the Wine Country. It is the perfect size for an embroidery project on the go and holds a little extra b/c the lid is domed - it holds one of those vintage threaders (the stand up kind - fail proof and almost unbreakable), needles, thread on cards, scissors (sometime 2 pairs), etc. I throw it in a bag with hoop and material.

I also have several large drawers that sit on top of a filing cabinet. They are each filled with dividers I have saved from different things. 2 drawers have a huge chip and dip divider from a Mexican restaurant dinner we had. It has a center surrounded by 4 other sections. I have found the key to sewing organization is lots of sections.

I keep zippers, rulers. some laces, and long things in a silverware tray in the seat of my singer sewing machine chair.

Fabric - Antique buffet. I fold the fabric all the same size rectangles and stack them veritcally in the drawers like envelopes all in a row from left to right. I can see every piece of fabric at one time, like a filing cabinet."

Suzy has fabulous ideas of shelves! - "The cubbie shelves from Target. I've created an entire wall of them for my fabric addiction"


Lois shares her ideas of "drawers...drawers...bins...bins... recycled candle jars...old prescription bottles(great for snaps, small grommets, and long straight pins)...did I say drawers and bins?"

These and all the other comments are great ways to begin and you may have many of the storage items already!

I use the clear shoeboxes for my trims, such as braids, rick-rack, bias tape, laces - each has a separate bin. I also have shelves for my fabric and keep them rolled and sorted by colors. That really helps me just reach and grab what I need. Pegboards are another great saver. Several large ones on each wall to hang anything and everything that can be hung.

I like to keep my attachments in seperate drawstring bags. I have a bag for each machine. I can just grab the bag I need for the machine I am using. Any and all small bins work for specialty sewing feet. Keep them near the machine and ready to use!

Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my tip. Yep, it's a great way to recycle bottles and jars... For the candle jars I tie a small fabric strip to make them pretty!

Charlene said...

It is all about the fabric and colors, isn't it? I totally get my inspiration from all the fabrics in my sewing room. Having jars wrapped with fabric is great way to use scraps and pretty it all up!

Thanks for the tip, Lois!