Monday, January 4, 2010

Organize your Sewing and Quilting Room

Organization! What a help with all of our fabric stash, sewing machines, sewing attachments, and all of our sewing notions! I have several methods that work for me and will share later. BUT for now - how do you organize your sewing room? What do you use to keep your stash in place? Share your tips and I will gather all together. Comment here or send to me at

For now, off to see how to manage all those sewing notions I collect!

Happy Sewing,


Georgia Peachez said...

The cubbie shelves from Target. I've created an entire wall of them for my fabric addiction. xo, suzy

Charlene said...

Bet you have a BIG wall for all your fabric, Suzy! Nice to have all in one spot so you can quickly find that perfect fabric.


Anonymous said...

drawers...drawers...bins...bins... recycled candle jars...old prescription bottles(great for snaps, small grommets, and long straight pins)...did I say drawers and bins?

Charlene said...

I have loads of prescription bottles of different sizes. Great idea for those small items.


Erika Mulvenna said...

One of my favorite things in my sewing room is using clear shoe bin drawers for storing all my notions, pins, needles, and small stuff. It's easy to see what's in each bin, and they stack really easily on my shelves.

I also wrote an entire post on organizing your threads if you'd like to take a look:

Looking forward to seeing all of your organizing tips!

Charlene said...

I am loving all these ideas! After reading them all, our sewing rooms will love us! I use clear bins also especially to keep ribbons, trims, braids, bias tape - all in one spot, not tangled up, and easy to find quickly. Thanks for the tip!

I checked out your blog for sewing thread and very, very extensive! I gleaned so much information. Thank you!

Happy Sewing!