Friday, January 22, 2010

Ruffled Cropped Jacket

Saw a lovely pattern and decided to take a shot at making the top from the picture. Now, this is the first time I have tried making such a pattern, but encouraged by all my ancestors who could look at the catalog photos and make a pattern from paper, wanted to give it a good try!

I am sure many of you have a much simpler way to do this! I did have a wonderful time though.

The basic jacket pattern wasn't that difficult, but it did take a little thinking on the collar. I know there are many correct ways to do it, but this is how I went did it.

First I sewed the front and back pieces of the jacket. This was now a nice template for the collar. Laying the jacket pieces (the brownish color) right on top of a double layer of the collar fabric, I marked the inside seam. This was my first marking.

Next, I removed the jacket pieces and set my ruler for 3 1/3". I wanted my collar to be about 3 inches wide. There are many circular markers you can buy, but I simply placed the ruler against the first marking, and went all the way around. I marked the outside edge of the collar about every 2 inches, then connected them to form a semi-circle. I now had my inside edge and my outside edge. When cutting the collar out, I went beyond my marking about 5/8 inch to allow for my seam line.

I placed the collar pieces right side together and sewed, turned, and pressed. I was now ready to sew all the pieces together. I placed the collar on the jacket piece, then placed the jacket lining piece on top. Sewed through these layers. Clipped, turned, and pressed. Collar was finished.

Not too bad for the first time! The jacket turned out beautifully with the ruffles around the 3/4 length sleeves and the cropped jacket bottom. Use your ruffler and ruffle and sew on in one sewing pass. Goes much faster that way.

I will make another one using the actual pattern. I found this gorgeous pattern at Nancy's Notions. Called The Elise jacket. Adding my own covered buttons was easy as can be with a button kit.

Happy Sewing!

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