Thursday, January 14, 2010

Singer Instructions for Art and Embroidery

What a fabulous book! I have been going through my copy lesson by lesson and now up to lesson 7. I know - I haven't made that much progress since I began, but trying to master each as I move along. I am still in awe of the beautiful handiwork made with a straight stitch sewing machine. Sincer outdid themselves on this book!

Wanted to share a fabulous web link for the book. You can download the 1911 (yes, the very, very early one!) edition. Some wonderful person archived it, and it is a FREE download. Thank you VERY much to Odile Berget of France for showing me where it was at.

Singer Instructions for Art and Embroidery

Have fun with the book - send me pics of anything you do and I will share them with others. You are a bunch of talented ladies and gents!

While you are clicking away, you must check out Odile's web sites. You will see some marvelous embroidery!

For now, I must continue playing with two sewing machines Singer sent me. Will share the gorgeous stitches later (after I finish playing some more and take time to grab the camera!). Happy Sewing, Charlene


Georgia Peachez said...

Wow, this sounds incredible. I'm off to make my download. xo, suzy

Charlene said...

Enjoy! They say the best things in life are free. I have been looking through it and loving it!