Friday, January 15, 2010

Singer Sewing Machine Curvy

Just received the Singer Curvy from Singer and having a grand time putting it through the paces. Threading is a snap with the new and simple threading system. Sleek design and I LOVE the purple. A fav color of mine and grand daughters.

Easy to choose your stitch. Just push the button. Same with the buttonhole. Fun time!

Started playing with the stitch-out and just had to add the braiding foot to my practice. Tucked in some slender ribbon and the decorative stitches really make it pop!

There are LED lights everywhere! Not only at the presser foot, but shining over the machine bed.
One of the best parts! My low shank vintage sewing machine attachments just love it! I popped the tucker on and began sewing right away. Next comes the ruffler, edge stitcher, and whew! will be busy for a while. With at least 30 decorative stitches and my attachments, I should be quite busy for a while.....

Playing? Inspiration? No matter! Just having a grand fun time! Blending the old with the new sometimes gives new creativity.

Happy Sewing!

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