Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Art of Tucking

You have your pattern and ready to sew.
Add some textural embellishment with tucks!

There are so many ways to sew a tuck, with each giving your finished project a whole new look. I have used the vintage tucker, the newer pin tuck foot, my blind hemmer foot, and the "old-fashioned" fold and press. No matter how you make your tucks just be creative and have fun!

Here are some tuck manipulations I have, and there are many more. Watch for a pdf f
ile to be added later with additional ideas. Send me any others you have tried. Would love to add your photos.

I have used my twin needle and pin tuck foot to make ribbed tucks. A variation is to just use your twin needle! Fold your tuck, press, and sew! Try adding some ribbon or lace to your tuck.

I have made corded tucks several ways. The regular way is to fold your fabric for your tuck, slide the cording into the center of the fold, and sew. Repeat for other tucks. A variation is to use the twin needle, instead of a single needle. Try adding a decorative stitch!

Use your zipper foot to sew close to your cording.

Wavy tucks (some have called Mexican tucks) really give the front of a blouse lovely details. Add them down the bands of a string skirt and really add interest!

Sew your tucks in one direction as you normally do. Press all the tucks to one direction and sew down. Next, press all your tucks in the opposite direction and sew down. Repeat.

Try using your braiding foot and lovely cording. Either side will add interest to your sewing project. The tucked side gives you a slight ridge, and the back side is just as interesting!

Use your twin needle and braiding foot. Fold your tuck, place the cording under your fabric (not in the groove of the braiding foot), set your stitch so the stitches just catch each side of the cording, and sew.

There are also cross tucks, pin tucks, shell tucks, graduated tucks, spaced tucks, blind tucks, and many other ways to provide texture to your sewing project through tucks!

Experiment and have fun!

Happy Sewing!

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