Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blind Stitch Attachment / Blind Hemmer

Did you know you can make lovely decorative tucks using your vintage Blind Stitch Attachment or your brand new blind hemmer? Certainly is easy and adds a fabulous embellishment to your tops, dresses, or maybe purses!

For tucking:
Fold your fabric with right sides together. Press.

Pull the fold up (like a teepee). Now your fabric is opened up, with the tuck still folded straight up. The fold in the photo is "wavy" to help you see the fold. The stiletto is pointing towards the bottom of the fold. Your fold will be nice and straight. This fold is the hardest to show in a photo. I will certainly exchange it for a better one at some time.

Next press the fold over (going away from you).

You are always working on the wrong side of the fabric.

Place the pressed fold under your foot. Line the fold with the guide. This is done the same whether you are using a vintage Blind Stitch attachment or a new Blind hemmer foot.

The tuck size is determined by the amount of fabric you fold over. Takes tucking a step farther!

Happy Sewing,

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