Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serger Blind Stitch Hem Foot

New tool to add to my sewing! Don't you love finding more to use? So many to learn. This one is for my serger. Fold your garment the same as you do for a sewing machine blind stitch hem foot.

What is so nice is the extra is just cut right off by the serger! Finished hem is perfect (OK, a little more practice and I can get it better....grin). TIP! Don't always place the fold up against the guide like you will on the sewing machine blind stitch foot. You only want to catch a small bit of the fabric with the needle swing. So, better for me next time!

The one on the left fits my Brother, and the other one also fits a Brother. Be sure you buy the one to fit your machine.

There are still so many attachments for my serger! Maybe the sequin foot next. First, I got to get back to that blouse!

Happy Sewing!

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