Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sewing Machine Needles

Confused about which machine needle to use? How often do you change the needle? I admit, years ago I had a set rule - change it when it breaks. Not really a good idea and as inexpensive as needles are, now I change before every new project. More often if the sewing is extensive.

Over the past year I have used the Double eye needle, the triple needles (remember when we thought the twin needle was so cool!?), wing (hemstitch), and the microtex. We have a HUGE assortment of needles for our sewing machine to choose from.Metallic needle - keeps from fraying

Double eye needle

Wing needle (hemstitch) - try the double/twin wing needle

The double eye needle is just that - has two eyes. Using two spools of thread, thread your machine as normal until getting to the needle. One color goes in through one eye, and the other color through the second eye. What a lovely stitch it can make! Like getting new stitch patterns on your sewing machine.

Don't have a double eye needle right now but want to try it? Insert a larger needle than usual for your thread (I used regular cotton thread and a 90/14 needle). Thread the machine as normal, and thread BOTH thread colors into the same needle eye. I use a thread stand behind my machine for the second spool of thread.

Hoping the information will give you a tad bit of help, I have a free down loadable pdf file about Sewing Machine Needles. Give it a read and try something different.

Sewing Machine Needles

Happy Sewing!


Gill said...

I am really sad that the link to the PDF for the machine needles has gone. I have found this a very valuable guide and have often sent people to read it.

Unknown said...

If you don't have a thread stand you can put your 2nd cotton in a upside down jug to hold it in place or bluetac a knitting needle for it to sit on