Sunday, February 7, 2010

Singer sewing machine 15-91 and Singer cabinet #42

Very excited about my new find and love the retro look of the cabinet!
Both the cabinet and sewing machine are in very good condition with just a few bumps and bruises. The machine is a Singer 15-91 and the cabinet is number 42. I have seen several versions of this cabinet and evidently just years apart as the style is such a retro look. This one has the matching cushioned stool. Done in leather and the top comes off. Almost perfect stitches right away, and now the task begins of a good cleaning, both inside and out. Oil and tend to the motor. Certainly has a place of honor in my office!

Question to the experts - There is a small drawer at the top. Inside this drawer is a removable glass bottle of sorts. The lid comes off. What is interesting is there is a "bobble" inside the hole on top. Curiosity is overwhelming! What is this for? Could it be to place old needles? Help!

Giant thanks to everyone in advance!

Happy Sewing,


Anonymous said...

Charlene --I have this cabinet with a Singer 15 in it. This was a one owner cabinet/ machine from a lady that had worked for a Singer store for years and brought it new. Also have the matching stool. Anyway, my bottle still has dried ink in it and I have the fountain pens to go with it . I believe the "bobble" is to keep the ink mixed. Hope this helps. Sandy in Texas

Charlene said...

That is fabulous, Sandy. Makes perfect sense. Thank you. Now I just have to find the matching fountain pen. Wonder if it said Singer on the pen?

Aren't these lovely cabinets? I love the look and so much room to sew! Enjoy yours and I will mine.


Ruby said...

Wow! I have the cabinet with a ink well but no pen or stool! I read somewhere that at the time Singer brought them out they wanted a nice looking desk. Apparently for someone who is worried about how her house looks! So it doubled for writing notes and letters when not in use as a sewing machine cabinet. I think they are very cool!

Charlene said...

Now that Sandy told me that was an ink well, I can see how the smaller drawer is perfect for the pens and writing paper. What a lovely desk to sit and write at for sure! Singer did a fab job on this one.

zees5 said...

I have that machine in a different cabinet it came in. I also have the stool but the leather is darker. The seat was broken when I got it so I had a new piece of wood cut and the leather re-applied so it is not loose anymore and is really a wonderful chair. When the machine is not in use, my serger sits on the table.

LittleCyndiLou said...

What a great find! I just found the #42 cabinet and fell in love and am looking to purchase one.