Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Using the Twin Needle to Fabric Doodle

Call this my "therapy" blouse. Snow outside, although melting and still very cold. Relaxing to just doodle all over the fabric with no set design. I call it "fabric doodling".

Used a pattern for the basic top, but altered it quite a bit to what I wanted. When "fabric doodling", cut the pattern out at least 1 inch more than normal. The extra texture will use up fabric. Before sewing anything together, just "doodle" with your threads.

I used the twin needle and two different color threads, both still pinkish but of varying tones.

I just began "fabric doodling". Down the front I added some metallic threads tucked in the stitches.

After I was satisfied with my design, sew the top shoulder. Hem the sleeves, giving more embroidery effect. Sew the side seams, and hem the bottom. Again, more embellishment.

For the neckline, I used foldover elastic. Very easy to apply and the deep mauve set it off a bit.

Finished in no time and ready for spring!

Happy Sewing!

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