Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pintucks Galore! Use your Pintuck foot

What fun the pintuck foot is! The results change depending on whether you use the 5, 7, or 9 groove. Then add some cording and fabulous! Just have fun deciding what you want to sew and add these fun tucks to! Use your pintuck foot and a twin needle.

I had heard about "nun's tucks" and after searching through some very old books found a nice reference. I have heard them also called cross tucks. Very easy to do and think of all you can do. Sew your tucks in one direction. Next, sew your second set at 90 degrees to the first. Keep them all together, or sew in groupings.

Corded tucks are quite easy and fun to do. Place your fabric under the pin tuck foot, slide your cording or gimp underneath the fabric, making sure it is in the pintuck groove. Sew as desired.

When using cording, choose the size that matches the groove size in the pintuck foot. The more grooves, the smaller each one is.

The pintuck foot has those nice, deep grooves. After sewing your first tuck, decide the distance you want the next tuck, move over the number of grooves accordingly and sew. Your new tuck is made within a groove, and your foot goes smoothly over previous tucks as they are also within a groove. Pretty neat!

Use your pintuck foot to join two fabrics with lovely openwork. Press the raw edge of two pieces of fabrics (the two you are joining). Place the pintuck foot on the edge, insert your cording or gimp under a groove, and right on the edge. Sew using a zigzag stitch. Repeat for the second piece of fabric. Lastly, choose a bridging stitch on your machine (i.e. feather, ladder, pin slant, etc0. Place each corded edge under a groove. Slide wash away stabilizer underneath. Sew. Gorgeous! and quite easy!

As always, just have fun practicing and seeing what your machine feet will do. The hard part is deciding what to sew!

Happy Sewing!

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