Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roller Foot for Velvets, Silks, and more

With my new purchase of silks (love them! and will cut into the sari silk tomorrow) - I pulled my roller foot out just to make sure it would not harm my lovely fabric.

Using the right foot is crucial to your end result, and the roller foot does exactly that - it "rolls" along your fabric. This keeps the top and bottom pieces from slipping and moving as you sew. A must for all those hard-to-sew fabrics, like my gorgeous silks.

With the roller foot, much like another foot called a 'velvet foot', your seams end up as even as they started. Whether you are sewing vinyl, fleece, velvets, any napped fabric, or silks, polyesters, knits - this foot is the one to use.

Tomorrow I will cut into the lovely sari silk for my summer skirt! Temps are getting warmer and time to think spring!

Happy Sewing,

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