Saturday, March 27, 2010

Serger Beading Foot

I am easily excited about any sewing machine or serger feet. I want them to save me time and to look professional when finished. After trying the beading foot on my new Juki, I was hooked. I used a similar foot on my Brother serger. Before trying the beading, I used 4 mm twisted cording. Something a little "softer" for a practice run. The instructions from my foot actually gave me photo to lay the beading on; letting me match the size. Nice!

I used a 3 thread overlock and a right needle. Adjusted the feed regulating knob so the upper looper extends over the beading/cording. Put the lower knife at #2. Tensions below were for soft cotton fabric:

Needle thread tension - 2.5
upper thread tension - 4
Lower thread tension - 6

Thread the cording/beading through the first slot and straight to the back slot (called tunnels). The fabric is up against the guide in the front.

I used regular serger thread, but could have used the woolly in the upper looper, and monofilament thread in the lower and needle.

I can see using this foot and adding cording or beading to the edge of a project. I am not sure about using the cover stitch and placing them away from the edge. Will have to try that next!

Another wonderful foot to add to your serger collection!

Happy Sewing!


Maryissewfast said...

Thanks for featuring the serger feet. I received an assortment of feet with my Evolve, but rarely pull them out to use them. I think I will have to play around with them and get more familiar.

Charlene said...

Oh you must pull them out and play! I am having a wonderful time getting used to them and seeing what they will do. Right now I am playing with the elastic tape foot and WOW! Will post it tomorrow.

Visions of a whole new wardrobe!.....LOL...I did say "visions".