Sunday, March 28, 2010

Serger Elastic tape sewing foot

Ready to serge and add elastic at the same time? Fairly easy with the elastic tape sewing presser foot. Some trial and error as I worked through this one. There is a roller guide in the attachment where the elastic flows through. At the top of mine is an adjustment screw. Depending on how much I wanted the material stretched, I increased or decreased with this screw.

I used a 3 thread, but could have used a 4 thread. Set my stitch length to 4". I used a 1 right needle.

My foot pulls up at the end so I can insert my elastic tape in and under the foot. Then lower it down. When I used the smaller elastic tape, I kept it to the far right side. The roller foot pressure keeps it in place.

I did pull a bit on the elastic before it went through the foot; just a little pressure back towards me. I believe once I have my pressure set correctly, I wouldn't have to do that.

All kinds of nice uses! Not too bad from either side. Now to practice more on different types of fabrics and serger adjustments for that perfect stitch!

Happy Serging!


Maryissewfast said...

My Evolve foot has a slot for elastic. I used to work for Jantzen sewing elastic in swimwear, so I have a pretty good feel for how much tension to hold.

Charlene said...

That is certainly wonderful experience. it will take me a bit to get the feel of the elastic, but I will certainly keep practicing.


Sandra said...

Sweet! I just made some cabbage patch doll clothes for my grand-daughter. This foot would have come in handy.

Charlene said...

I remember making clothes for cabbage patch dolls! Sweet memories. My children each had one.